Immigration – Web Resources

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Bureau.

Center for Immigration Studies. Research, articles, history, statistics, more. Favors supporting immigrants while limiting total immigration.

The National Immigration Forum. News, links, resources. Favors a broadly welcoming immigration policy.

Immigration Law Portal. Resources and information about immigration law.

National Immigration Law Center. Research, articles, publications. Mission to promote rights and opportunities for immigrants.


Georgia Citizenship, Immigration, & Identity Requirements


Major Political Parties

Georgia Republican Party

Republican National Committee.

Republican Party platform.

Democratic Party of Georgia.

Democratic National Committee.

Democratic Party platform.

Third Parties

Georgia Green Party

Green Party of the United States.

Green Party platform.

Libertarian Party of Georgia.

Libertarian Party.

Libertarian Party platform.

Government / Politics Links:

Georgia.Gov. Georgia’s Official Government Website.

Georgia’s General Assembly. Official website of the Georgia General Assembly.

Atlanta Journal Constitution – Georgia Politics. Political news with a Georgia focus, including the Georgia Legislature, Congress, White House, presidential elections and Georgia Congressional Districts. 

Georgia Public Broadcasting – Politics. The latest Georgia political and legislative news from Georgia Public Broadcasting.

Georgia Pol. strives to be “the” media hub for news, analysis, opinion, and discussion of politics and policy in the state of Georgia.

Political A targeted, nonpartisan search engine just for politics and policy.

Public Agenda. A nonpartisan opinion research organization.